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INTRODUCING... the EWB Advocacy Strategy 2013-2015!
by Sam Burton on May 30, 2013 - 3:47 PM EDT

EWBers! Friends! Advocates!


After over four months of intense discussions and questions, continuous learning and refining, it's with HUGE excitement and gratitude that I'm here to share with you: the EWB Advocacy Strategy 2013-2015!

For us EWB-insiders, the strategy actually concists of three documents, all now on the EWBibliothèque:

  1. EWB Advocacy Strategy 2013-2015 - the external version, going over EWB's advocacy vision, principles and two focus areas

  2. EWB Advocacy Strategy 2013-2015... for EWBers - the internal version, which starts with all of the elements included in the external version and then expands to explain the roles every part of EWB and each EWBer can play in our advocacy moving forward, and share answers to frequently asked questions.

  3. EWB Advocacy Action Plan 2013-14 - an 2-pg addition to the internal version, which provides tangible details about our action plan for this year! We'll be sharing one of these each May, so that you know what's on the horizon for the coming year.


These are currently in translation, and the French versions should be ready within the next two weeks. I'm really sorry about the delay, our timing got a bit out-of-whack and since the English versions are finalized we wanted to share them ASAP... but please rest assured the bilingual versions are on their way!



I'd love to hear your thoughts/ideas/questions on where we landed with the strategy: this is just the beginning, and we need to keep shaping this work together. Please feel free to share on this thread, or with either James ( or me ( directly!



Personally, I'm incredibly proud of and excited about this strategy, first and foremost because we built it togetherIt's founded on in-depth insight and input from over 50 individuals, representing:


  • 68% of EWB ventures
  • 66% of National Office teams
  • 13 Chapters (9 University & 4 City Networks)
  • 4 EWB Board Members
  • 10+ external organizations


Together, we've set extremely ambitious, important goals. We don't know the exact path we need to walk to get there and we still have a lot of big, unanswered questions. It's going to take a lot of elbow grease, patience and time to achieve the visions we've set out. But we get can--we will--if we stay committed, keep learning and work together.  



We're also rapidly moving towards our first moment of action: the (appropriately named) Day of Action on Parliament Hill, on June 12! Keep an eye out for more info on this heading your way soon and/or contact our fantastic SCF Manjot ( for more info.



You can expect us to be kicking into high gear with the Advocacy Distributed Team & Advocacy Reps during the summer months... look out, this year is gonna be a BIG one!!



Once again: thank you all SO MUCH for your incredible input and support throughout this whole process. I can't wait to keep working with you to make our vision a reality!



Cédrik Chouinard, May 31, 2013 - 5:40 PM EDT

Heyho everybody!

Just want to say thank you to everyone that worked on this great document! I can't wait to start this campaign and work with you guys.
I'd like to know if, and if so when the advocacy strategy will be available in French. I know that a lot of people back here will apreciate it!

Again great job on this awesome document!

Sam Burton, May 31, 2013 - 6:02 PM EDT

Hi Cédrik,


The strategy will absolutely be available in French! We wanted to share the content with you all as soon as possible, which is why we've rolled out the English versions first.


The French will be available very soon - they're currently with our excellent translation team, and we are prioritizing getting the external version done within the next 2 weeks or so, and aiming to have the full internal version complete at the latest by the Quebec Regional Retreat the weekend of July 5.


Sorry for the delay, and for not being able to release the both French and English strategies together! Thanks so much for your support, can't wait to keep working with you this year.




Sam Burton, Jul 15, 2013 - 10:11 AM EDT

Finalement, nous sommes super heureux de vous partager la Stratégie de plaidoyer d'ISF (2013-2015) - en français!
  1. Stratégie en plaidoyer d’ISF Horizon 2013-2015 - la version pour l'externe qui contient la vision de plaidoyer d'ISF, nos principes et les deux champs d'action d'ISF en plaidoyer. 
  2. Stratégie en plaidoyer d’ISF Horizon 2013-2015... pour les membres - la version pour l'interne, avec plus de détails sur les rôles que chaque membre d'ISF peut jouer pour l'avancement de notre travail en plaidoyer et les réponses aux questions souvent posées (foire aux questions).
Un gros merci à l'équipe de traduction et à l'équipe décentralisée de plaidoyer pour avoir permis cette réalisation!